Romantic Jewels(Ring,Necklace) Box For Proposal Wedding Marriage Engagement
Price 25,000円(JPY)
Size 9cm×12cm
Stock 10
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- Using the LUVU
  1. Turn ON your LUVU by pressing the switch below the LUVU.
  2. Your LUVU is ON when the light is visible on the kiss mark.
  3. Place your lips with warm breath on the Kiss mark.
  4. Your LUVU turn into standby mode after closing lid.
  5. Turn OFF your LUVU by pressing the switch again.
- N.B.
  1. Exterior Damage or disassemble the LUVU may cause the malfunction.
  2. Please notice that the LUVU can discolor by Salt water, any kind of spray and perfume.
  1. After opening a lid of LUVU, there is a small transparent crook in the middle of edge. Please close the lid when a small transparent crook is come out. In the event of unclosing, operate your LUVU once more.
  2. Your LUVU can be open by a pin. Plug a pin into a small leak which shown above LUVU kiss mark.
- Guarantee
  1. We grant 3 month guarantee on the product commencing on the date of purchase.
  2. Within the guarantee period Your LUVU shall be free from any defects in material and workmanship, either by repairing or replacing the complete appliance as we may choose.
  3. This guarantee does not cover problem or damage resulting from accident, abuse, misapplication, improper use or maintenance, and a negligible effect on the value or operation of the appliance.
  4. This guarantee is void if repairs are undertaken by unauthorized and if original LUVU parts are not used.
  5. Valid guarantee are generally processed through the point of purchase and please have your guarantee card.
- Charging
  1. Recommend USB charging cable.
  2. Plug the charging cable into the charging socket in the back of the LUVU.
Charging 1 hour 2 hour 4 hour 8 hour 12 hour 16 hour
Active Mode 11 Min. 23 Min. 48 Min. 100 Min. 150 Min. 185 Min.
Standby Mode 6 hour 11 hour 21 hour 40 hour 60 hour 72 hour
Power off - - - - - -
  • A full charge takes 16 hours and will provide an operation time of approximately 180 minutes and standby time of 72 hours.
  • Minimum two hour charge gets up to 23 minutes of an operation and 11 hours of standby time.